EzySubClub is a proudly Australian owned family company spanning two generations. Sheldon and Ashley White run the subscription side of the business and Ruth, Sarah and Adam White, the retail side.

The company began as an idea following discontent with the rigidity and inflexibility of existing subscription services. Across a range of products and services: food, medicines and homewares, the founders saw problems with the way they were implemented. EzySubClub is a response to that dissatisfaction with retail brands supporting a flexible and reliable subscription model.

Founded by the family to pursue opportunities in subscription services EzySubClub began with an opportunistic acquisition of an existing Online Pet Boutique Snooty Paws. This brand brought synergies with the other pet care brands that EzySubClub launched at start-up: Hungry Paws, Healthy Paws and Ezy Paws.

The company has begun operations in the Pet Industry and will use innovative subscriptions and world class logistics to drive business growth before expanding operations into related, subscription based retail.